Ways to Increase Your Blog Visibility With Social Sharing

Are you looking to drive more traffic to your blog content?

Social sharing is critical.

But how can you make your content as shareable as possible?

Follow this process, and consider the following  tips.

#1: Identify Your Most Popular Posts and Keywords

Take stock of your current content. What topics are already popular with your audience?

Look at your top content and keywords in Google Analytics. If you’re using a social sharing plugin like Shareaholic or Digg Digg, you may be able to get some free analytics on your most popular content that can help you learn what your audience wants.

#2: Track and Leverage Trends

Know what is top-of-mind for readers. What are people already talking about, and how can you insert yourself in the conversation in a unique way with content?

This is where all that “listen first” stuff you hear all the time comes into play. But “listen first” is not just lip service—it’s vital.

#3: Think “Why Would People Share This?”

The Customer Insight Group (CIG) at the New York Times published an interesting study exploring why people share content online. They found that people share for a number of reasons to:

  • Bring valuable and entertaining content to others
  • Define themselves to others
  • Grow and nourish relationships
  • Give self-fulfillment
  • Market causes or brands

#4: Make the Most of Your Headline

Your blog headline could be the most important part of your blog post because it’s your first impression.

What makes a great headline? It’s similar to writing a great subject line for email marketing. Think about the 4 U’s that Copyblogger teaches us about great subject lines and headlines:

  • Useful: Why is the blog post valuable?
  • Ultra-specific: What can I expect to learn from the blog post?
  • Unique: Why is this blog post compelling and unique?
  • Urgent: Why should I read this NOW?

#5: Test Different Kinds of Promotion

You’ve probably heard of Pinterest, and you’ve probably heard that it’s a smash-hit fordriving traffic to websites.

To leverage this, you can make extra pinnable content that is visual in nature.

In addition, think about using visuals to promote content on your own channels.

#6: Optimize Your Content for Shareability

Once you’ve wired your content for shareability from a strategic and copywriting standpoint, you want to optimize a couple of technical aspects of your blog to make sure that they are in tip-top shape for your readers and sharers.

(Source: Socialmedia examiner)